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Bookstore (6)Aids for Bible Education (ABE) – Equipping teachers of Religion with ideas, Bible courses, teaching aids and materials for a Scriptural approach to Christian Education.

ABE has just launched it’s new website to serve the needs of Religious Educators in Ireland and the UK. The new website address is www.

Jim Gillett started visiting Catholic schools in 1970 with his vision to see Christian literature being used in all religiBookstore (5)ous education. The first four-page catalog went out to several hundred Catholic schools in the Republic of Ireland in 1972. In the late 1970’s we took ABE on the road with the Book-mobile, where we could take materials directly to the schools and educators. Every year since the first catalogs went out, the list of schools has grown and last year sent out 10,000 thirty-six page catalogs to every Catholic school and Protestant school in Ireland and Northern Ireland and to every Catholic school in the rest of the United Kingdom – as well as Catholic schools in a number of countries around the world.

We recently sent out over 38,000 emails to the schools in these countries making them aware of the new ABE website that now offers over 700 products and tools to meet the need teachers of Religion and support them in a Scriptural approach Christian Education. We continue to make many items available to qualified school at no fee. We can only do this because of your continuing financial and pray support of this ministry.

In our continued desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ we are now making all of the product, tools and items available for sale to everyone.


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