Dublin Summer Outreach 2017

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Bring the Light of the Gospel to Ireland!


Serve the Lord on
Ireland Outreach International’s
Summer 2017 Missions Exposure Team!



Every summer, we reach out with the ministry of reconciliation, and herald the message of redemption and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Please consider coming to serve during the summer 2016 months as we reach out to some of the poorest communities in Dublin, and preach the Gospel on the most heavily populated pedestrian filled streets in Ireland.The Answered

When Can I Come?

Our 2017 Summer Missions Exposure Team is held during the months of June, July, and August, 2017. However you are welcome to come at any time during the year for any length of time.

Tgrafton-streethe month of June serves as our practical month. During June we engage in practical preparation for evangelism, learning and understanding the culture, grounds and build maintenance, and much more.

July is when the majority of our evangelistic efforts in Dublin takes place. During this month we lead teams out into the streets for open air evangelism, literature distribution, and other tasks to demonstrate the love of God and spread the Word of God. We also conduct door to door visitation, mailbox ‘stuffing,’ and one on one contact with people in the area surrounding the local assembly/church. We also conduct special outreaches such as homeless ministry, children’s sports and/or Bible clubs, and other projects to reach those with the Gospel.

The month of August then serves as out follow up month. While we continue to do evangelism and other outreaches during this month, we primarily focus our attention on following up and making contact with people whom the team feels are interested in the Gospel. We also focus our attention on following up with new homlessbelievers during this time.

Can I Come?

You must be at least seventeen years old to apply for the Summer Team 2016, but there is no upper age limit! Young singles will be housed in dorms and older workers and married couples will be provided private rooms and accommodations, depending on availability. Assemblies/Churches are encouraged to contact us about bringing younger supervised youth teams.


What is the Cost?

Ireland Outreach is a faith based mission; each of the missionaries with Ireland Outreach trust in the Lord for 100% of their support. Short term missions are no different. However, Ireland Outreach does try to subsidise the cost of your participation in the 2016 Missions Exposure Team. We ask for a contribution of (US) $295.00 per week or $999.00 per month, per person. For a two month summer service period we offer a discounted rate of (US) $1600.00. Married couples will receive 15% off their combined total contribution. For groups we offer further subsidies, contact up for additional information.

To Assembly/Church Leaders

The Ireland Outreach 2016 Summer Team offers a safe, supervised, and organized environment for young people, as well as, mature adults to come and serve the LORD. WP_20150830_012The 2016 Missions Exposure Team is a time of great challenge, equipping, and growth as team members experience serving the LORD on a foreign mission field. Please consider sending your young, middle aged, and mature people to the mission field for a time of discipleship and growth. This is a great opportunity for exposure to missions and the foreign mission field in a safe environment allowing many to seek God’s will in serving on the mission field.


If you are not able to personally come and assist us, please pray to the LORD of the harvest to send laborers, and that the Mission Exposure Team will be a profitable tie for all. Additionally, you can give a scholarship gift to enable others to come in your place.

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