Pray Daily

SUNDAY – Fairview Assembly
We THANK God for His continued work in Fairview Hall. He has given us the opportunity to be a light in the surrounding community. • Please PRAY for: The Ladies Friendship Circle, which meets on Tuesday mornings, as Carole Woehler and Audrey Karres reach out in friendship to the ladies in the community. • The children’s outreach programs and Sunday school. • The leadership; elders and deacons, for wisdom, guidance, encouragement and health, as they follow God in obedience. • Discipleship of new and young believers. • The physical needs of the old building.

MONDAY – Hope Haven Hospital
PRAISE God that in His goodness we continue to expand, and also for the many good workers He has provided. We also THANK Him for the Medical Outreach Ministry. Please be in PRAYER for: US$150,000.00 still needed to resume work, for the final phase of the hospital expansion project, and for all the required hospital equipment. • Prayer partners who are willing to commit to PRAY for the Hospital and the expansion project. • Dr. Austin Arthur, the Chief of Administration at HHH, and his family. • THANK the Lord for the work of the Engineering Ministries International team for the design of the next hospital building. A 200 bed complete care medical facility.

TUESDAY – Ongoing Projects
We THANK God that the large container sent from Ireland arrived in Nigeria at the Haven of Hope. The items in this container are of great use to the hospital, the school and individuals at the Haven of Hope. • We also are so thankful for the sponsorship and assistance of Professor Jerry Gana in the process needed for obtaining the license for the 7 radio stations. • Please continue to PRAY for funding to dig more wells. The cost is approximately US$4,000.00 for a smaller well and US$10,000.00 for a deep well. • PRAY for more wheelchair sponsors as we continue to work with Joni and Friends to reach the helpless in Nigeria. • For the EMI Egypt team as they completed a site visit at Haven of Hope and as they develop a HOH site master plan and dam project.

WEDNESDAY – Hope Academy Schools & The Thaddeus Scholarship Fund
We PRAISE God for the growth we have seen this past year in our school and for those who have sponsored a child through the Thaddeus Scholarship Fund, though many still await scholarships. • Please PRAY for: • the Lord to Provide more classrooms, as we find ourselves having to turn away many students because we don’t have the space. • More children to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Saviour. • PRAY that God would lay it on more people’s hearts to sponsor a child through the Thaddeus Scholarship Fund.

THURSDAY – Full Time Missionaries & Additional Support Staff in Africa
PRAY as God continues to call national workers and missionaries to Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria. PRAY for: † Ghana – Alfred & Esther Addison, Alfred’s speedy recovery from a minor stroke and for a replacement, called by God, as they retire † Liberia – Alfred Varney, Johnson Kamanda & Andrew Conteh † Nigeria – Dr. Austin & Peace Arthur & Family • Jonathan & Rebecca Aboi • Gideon & Rebecca Katmut • Ernest Amechi & family • Abu & Lois Onche • Joshua Gideon • James Eladoche • Teachers at Hope Academy School • PRAY that God will supply the personal financial needs of all the committed workers. • Continue in PRAYER, and please make known the need for both full-time and short-term missionaries to serve, both national and from abroad in Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia. This would include, but is not limited to, medical personnel and those with engineering and construction skills.

FRIDAY – Full Time Missionaries & Additional Support Staff in Ireland
We are THANKFUL to God for those who have followed His call to full time mission work in Ireland. • Please PRAY for: A young man, called and anointed by the Lord, to be a trainee, and eventually, a replacement for Jim Gillett as International Coordinator. • Jim & Jean Gillett (USA/Canada) • Charles Lawrie (Scotland) • Morris Johnston (Northern Ireland) • Brian & Rachael Johnson and their children, Selah, Eden, Shepherd & Shiloh (USA) • Carole Woehler (USA) • Audrey Karres (USA) • PRAY that God will supply for the personal financial needs of all the committed workers; as missionaries, they all trust God for their own financial and prayer support. • Continue to PRAY, and make known the need for full and part-time missionary service.

SATURDAY – Future Plans For Ireland Outreach
We are THANKFUL for God’s vision to move our operational headquarters to the Houston, Texas area and for yet another opportunity to expand the Ireland Outreach ministry throughout the world. • Please PRAY for: • The Lord to guide us as we move forward with the transition of our headquarters. • That the Lord would call volunteer construction workers to help us with the development of the office, warehouse space and housing accommodations for the new international headquarters. • PRAISE God that He provided us with a lawyer who is familiar with legally structuring non-profit organizations in the state of Texas, and he is serving graciously serving in his assistance to us or and at his cost on some items. PRAY for God to raise up a secretary, maintenance person, host/hostess, warehouse and shipping manager, bookkeeper, and office administrator as full time workers, as well as, volunteers from the Houston area assemblies.


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