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Hope Water

Hope Water is now in full production. With the packaging and distribution of the ultrafiltration water to villages and the surrounding communities, HW is able to distribute water free to villages with lack a source of safe, fresh, and clean drinking water and raise funds to partially subsidize drilling boreholes (water wells) in in villages with access or a supply of water.

Emmaus Bible Centres Mission - Nigeria is engaged in the drilling of fresh water wells in Nigeria. Fresh drinking water is a precious commodity in Nigeria and many are without it. There are thousands of areas across Nigeria without clean drinking water.

Over 40 wells have been put in place since 2010. With your continued blessing of resources we hope to continue to increase this ministry.

The Water Well Drilling project brings life-giving clean water to many who desperately need it while bringing them the life-giving good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 2016 we were gifted a industrial sized water purification and packaging system. We will be able to package and distribute clean drinking water to surrounding villages on a regular basis. These are areas where the ground was to difficult to drill a well.

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