Ireland Outreach international, inc.

Demonstrating the love of God while preaching the Word of God




Ireland Outreach is in full preparation for the Medical Mission Team (MMT) to descend upon the Republic of Ghana in 2021 in yet another endeavor to demonstrate the love of God while preaching thew Word of God.

Often the only way to reach the spiritual need of an individual is to first meet the physical needs. Providing clean drinking water, food and medical attention and meet those physical needs allowing God to use MMT members to supply the Word of God to meet the spiritual needs that we all have.

Will you start now to seek God's direction for you and you association with the team? Maybe you will partiucipate as a medical professional, a medical support logistics team member, a prayer team member or even a provider of materials and medicine.

Much more to come soon. Please contact us at for additional information.

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