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Morgan House - I0 International - World Headquarters

The first phase of Morgan House is nearing completion.  Land clearing has been concluded.   The front boundary of the property has been fenced, with a security gate installed, so that all the property is enclosed and secure. Two huge water tanks capable of storing 128 thousand gallons of water have been installed to comply with fire regulations.

Installation of a new septic system is underway. The interior walls have been painted. The flooring is going in.  As God provides in the coming weeks and months, we will press on with your help.  The kitchens and bathrooms in the 5 missionary apartments will be outfitted.  Tables, chairs, beds, linens, and all other furniture must be purchased.  The  six I.O. offices will need office equipment and furniture.  The task and costs seem enormous.  We are totally dependent upon the Lord for His supply.

As you prayed with us for God’s provision, He has answered abundantly, and we have received a matching grant which now totals US$1,800,000.00 towards the project. This means that every dollar or unit of any other currency (large or small) that is given designated for this project will be “matched” or doubled.   This is a tremendous investment opportunity for anyone who makes a gift towards this much needed building. It is a 100% bonus!!  Will you please PRAY with us that God will burden His people to give generously towards this potential packed property so that we can put it into use for His work in North America and around the World?

But it is all so very challenging right now.  This work at Morgan House urgently needs to be completed.  The uncertainties and unemployment resulting from COVID-19 have cut our normal gift income to only 50% of what we need to just carry on the ongoing ministry activities.  At this time when our colleagues “on the ground” are telling me that there is a new hunger for the Gospel, and that there are more opportunities for the Gospel to be proclaimed to our lost and hurting World, at such a time as this, we are just not able to invest in these new opportunities to proclaim the Gospel due to this huge shortfall in our income.  We are doing all that we can to reduce overheads and free up funds, but these measures alone will not be enough to fill  the need. We will close this year with a massive deficit!  We really do need your help to continue this important work.

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