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Hope Academy Schools to Double in Size with New Building

Because life is precious, Hope Academy Schools (HAS) is making each and every block that will be use in the construction of the new HAS building that will allow HAS to more than double in size, if it is God's will. HAS currently has over 700 students receiving a Christ based education the exceeds any of those offered in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Each floor will need 30,000 blocks for each of the three floor of the building. HAS construction personnel are creating and average 250 blocks per day. The blocks must then cure for 21-28 days before they are able to be used in construction. Construction standards and materials in Nigeria are substandard. Emmaus Bible Centres Mission - Nigeria (EBCM-N) uses building standards practiced in the United Kingdom and the United States as a base and then exceed those standards. As with all projects that are undertaken by EBCM-N, before any idea or project is undertake it follows a protocol. First the project or idea is presented to the EBCM-N Coordination Committee. If the committee sees potential, the matter is submitted to daily prayer. The project or idea is then submitted to Ireland Outreach for diligent prayer for wisdom, direction, provision, and guidance from God to determine God's desire for the project or idea. We now are asking for your support in prayer. If it is God's will for you to participate in the HAS new school building, you can first and foremost make a commitment to regular prayer. Other opportunities include providing manual labor, over site or expertise of construction phases, financial support for either the physical building or the local laborers that we higher for the project.

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