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Prayer Library

Father, we submit to you and your will. We ask in you name for protection, provision and perseverance for the national missionaries and workers in Africa as they not only endure the COVID-19, the rising cost of food and the shortage thereof. We pray that Ireland Outreach and those who support them with prayer, finances, support and labor will be able to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional and financial support for them. We are thankful for you daily answer to prayer.


Lord, I reach out to you for your guidance.

Please show me which way to turn.

Calm my anxious thoughts, come speak into my mind.

Strengthen me as I falter and feel weary.

May I feel strength rising up within my heart.

Bring clarity into my visions and dreams.

I trust that you are with me, no matter where I go,

Or what I decide to do.

You are with me always.