Ireland Outreach international, inc.

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Raymond Johnson

Raymond was saved at the age of 14 while at a young men's camp.

Raymond said, “From the time I was saved, I had a desire to serve the Lord through reaching the lost.  In 2014 my wife and I heard the Lord's call to serve Him full time.  After five years in prayer with the Elders at Colonial Hills Bible Chapel we were commended to the Lord's work full time to serve with Ireland Outreach International on September 9, 2018.”

He has been married to his wife, Jennifer, for sixteen years and has four children. Jennifer Johnson, was  born and raised in Texas, where she met her husband, Raymond, while we worked over the summers at a music conservatory.   She enjoys homeschooling their  four children.  Jennifer was saved at a young age, but said “I never truly knew the right way to live for Christ until I was an adult; at which time I was baptized after we transitioned to the Brethren Assemblies.  After attending an Ireland Outreach retreat, my heart went out to the work being done in Africa, like the fresh water projects but especially the children and the school”